Trampoline park Hangtime in Ostend has equipped their new outdoor play area with colourful nets by Duranet. 

Hangtime is located in the buildings of the former Earth Explorer park near Fort Napoleon. In cooperation with Sport Vlaanderen, the site was redesigned into a playground featuring 1000m² of trampolines, a giant ball pit and a challenging play area for the very little ones. Parents and caretakers can indulge in a nice cup of coffee or try one of the home-made lemonades in the pleasant lounge bar. Active men and women can enjoy a fly dance session or relax during a fly yoga class.

This year, the tropical summer bar has been extended with an outdoor play area for the kids. The area was named Hang Out and is built around a disused container. A slope made of wooden panels was laid out on the outside of the container.

Inside, children can jump to their heart's content or lounge on large balls covered with a green knotless net. This 120mm mesh net ensures that playing children do not get buried under the balls. They can still let their fantasy run wild as the large mesh size enables them to move the balls around a bit.

One of the entrances to the giant ball pit is a walkway bridge with yellow knotless safety nets on both sides. A colourful and playful means of fall protection. The smaller 50mm mesh size makes climbing more difficult but still lets plenty of light through.

Preference was given to knotless netting in this project. Knotless nets are more flexible and softer than knotted nets, preventing children from injuring themselves when they come into direct contact with the netting.